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Norma Kamali 1979 Camel Leather 3 Piece Ensemble


Iconic vintage 1970s Norma Kamali 1979 3 piece leather + spandex ensemble. Early, early OMO label. Extremely, extremely rare. We have seen photos of this set but have NEVER seen it for sale ANYWHERE. Ultra snug black disco-weight spandex suspender pants with flared camel leather hips, matching cropped jacket + camel elfish curled leather hat. Notice the pinked edges on the pieces. All 3 pieces are fully labeled. Want to see a photo of Norma herself WEARING these pants in the September 1979

Bust: Bust:
Waist: Waist:
Hips: Hips:
Total Length: Total Length:
Inseam: Inseam:
Sleeve Length: Sleeve Length:
Shoulders: Shoulders:
Estimated Size: Material:
HEIGHT : 5' 9"
BUST : 31"
WAIST : 23"
HIPS : 33"
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