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Nautical Chains High Waisted Palazzo Pant Ensemble


Incredible vintage 1970s white, black + lime green nautical-inspired ensemble. Nautical chainlink pattern. Note how the pattern reverses from black on white to white on black at the hem! And don't miss the contrasting lime green chain links! Ultra fitted crop top features a classic 70s collar + corseted neckline. Contrasting lime green cording in the neck + around waist, both of which could be removed if you prefer. Ultra high waisted palazzo pants with ultra wide legs + supermodel length. We love this little set SO MUCH!

Bust: Bust:
Waist: Waist:
Hips: Hips:
Total Length: Total Length:
Inseam: Inseam:
Sleeve Length: Sleeve Length:
Shoulders: Shoulders:
Estimated Size: Material:
HEIGHT : 5' 9"
BUST : 31"
WAIST : 23"
HIPS : 33"
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