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Hand-Painted “Poison” Blue Leather Biker Jacket

Killer vintage 1970s/80s blue leather jacket by Waddington. AMAZING piece. Ultra rough and worn around the edges with massive hand-painted “Poison” logo on the back in addition to the front cover of “Social Intercourse” by classic sleaze rock band Smashed Gladys. Quilted shoulders and arms. Classic biker cut with silver metal zippers. Bright red quilted lining.

Seriously awesome piece - good, wearable condition for someone who wants a truly broken in, well worn leather jacket. There are several spots on the lining, leather chipping on the edges and it’s missing one of the buckles on the side. In our opinion, all of this just adds to awesomeness of the piece!
Total Length:
Sleeve Length:
Estimated Size:
HEIGHT : 5' 9"
BUST : 31"
WAIST : 23"
HIPS : 33"
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