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Arlo Embroidered Levi's Redline Cutoffs

Seriously, have you ever seen a radder pair of cutoffs than our true-vintage 1960s/70s embroidered Levi's? We think not! These shorts have so many small details that make them amazing. Of course, first and foremost is the hand embroidered weed leaf on the bum. Next, note all of the extra embroidery and applied denim panels around the pockets and seams. Last (but not least) is the hand embroidered sunshine with hand applied leather panel. These shorts are seriously so much better in real life than even our photos can portray! Please note, these shorts are being sold as is. Due to their delicate and destroyed nature we will not be accepting returns or exchanges on this item. We highly recommend being very careful when taking them on and off. It might be wise to buy these a size up from your regular size so as not to strain the tears any more than you have to.
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