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Adolfo 1960s Silk Brocade Jacket + Skirt Ensemble


We are pleased to offer this classic 1960s 2-piece ensemble made entirely of shimmery cocoa-colored silk brocade, richly embossed with ivory + eggplant diamonds. The set includes an ultra tailored princess coat + coordinating skirt. The jacket features a release-pleated bodice with puff sleeves, nehru neckline + flared skirt. The skirt too, is made entirely from release pleats which accounts for the expertly crafted fit. Both pieces are fully lined + labeled. A truly remarkable, classic Adolfo ensemble – absolutely perfect for any collector!

Bust: Bust:
Waist: Waist:
Hips: Hips:
Total Length: Total Length:
Inseam: Inseam:
Sleeve Length: Sleeve Length:
Shoulders: Shoulders:
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