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1960s Russian Sable Cropped Trapeze Coat

Truly stunning vintage 1960s genuine natural Russian Sable cropped trapeze coat. Such a rare, hard to find piece! Sable is the Mercedes Benz of furs and a full length sable coat usually costs upwards of $100,000+ new. This little piece is so special - we love her cropped sleeves and trapeze swing cut! The coat also features a MASSIVE fur-backed collar. Designed to be worn open and has no pockets. Beautiful beige silk lining with embroidered florals. Excellent vintage condition - fur is soft + supple with no rips, tears or odors. There is one seam in the lining just at the back of the neck that was obviously resewn before we had the coat - due to the delicate nature of silk we decided to leave this seam as is.

Also please note, while we pride ourselves on exact color and excellent photographs, the fur on this coat seems to look slightly more red than it is in real life, giving it a dyed look. The under tones of this coat are definitely a cool brown with very little red - it is entirely natural and not dyed.
Total Length:
Sleeve Length:
Estimated Size:
HEIGHT : 5' 9"
BUST : 31"
WAIST : 23"
HIPS : 33"
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