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1-of-a-Kind Bustown Custom Rainbow Crochet Maxi Dress


So while as a general rule we only sell vintage, after literally a dozen requests for similar dresses, we had our good friend Lucy from Lucy Ward Designs in Australia whip up (by “whip-up” we actually mean 2 weeks of blood, sweat + tears) this 1-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired, rainbow crochet maxi dress. Of COURSE we couldn't resist using it in our lookbook – look at it! I almost died when it got here and I've been SO TEMPTED to keep it for myself. Lucy has truly outdone herself for us! Unworn, entirely hand crocheted ONLY for Bustown Modern! You can NOT get this dress any other place and we will never have this dress in these colors again!

Total Length:
Sleeve Length:
Estimated Size:
HEIGHT : 5' 10"
BUST : 33"
WAIST : 25"
HIPS : 34"