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1-Of-A-Kind 1970s Custom Lee Patchwork + Pocket Denim Coat

Incredible 1970s one-of-a-kind custom made vintage Lee denim coat. Absolutely amazing find - we’ve never seen anything like this and very highly doubt we ever will again. Entirely hand made from different pieces and pockets of Lee jeans. Super fitted with a flared skirt, this jacket features epaulets, button-strap cuffs and a double breasted front - note how one side of button holes sits horizontally while the opposite are vertical. Tons of different jeans pockets (some buttoning, some regular) adorn the sides of the jacket. Amazing plaid butterfly lining, signed by the artist. The Lee logo is visible on the back left shoulder and again inside. Absolutely amazing! Very heavy weight due to all the denim but not suitable as a winter coat. Intended for a petite size.
Total Length:
Sleeve Length:
Estimated Size:
HEIGHT : 5' 7"
BUST : 29.5"
WAIST : 22"
HIPS : 35"
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